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Drywood Termites

drywood_termite_swarmDrywood Termite Information

The western Drywood Termite is California’s second most important termite pest after the western subterranean termite. It is a native insect that has been here for millions of years. In California, drywood termites are most prevalent in southern California and in the Bay Area south of San Francisco.

Drywood Termites infest dry, undecayed wood, including structural lumber and dead limbs of native trees, utility poles, posts and lumber in storage. From these areas, winged reproductives seasonally migrate to nearby structures usually on sunny days in late summer and fall.

Drywood Termites have a low moisture requirement and can tolerate dry conditions for prolonged periods. They remain entirely above ground and do not connect to the soil.

Drywood Termite Fecal PelletsPiles or mounds of their fecal pellets (see image to right), which are distinctive in appearance, may indicate their presence. The fecal pellets are elongate with rounded ends. They vary considerably in color, but appear granular and salt and pepper like in color and appearance.

Drywood Termite Treatment Options


Tent Fumigation with Vikane

Tent fumigation is the leading solution to drywood termite infestations. This treatment involves a carefully researched method of introducing Vikane Gas Fumigant (Sulphuryl Fluoride) into a structure. This effectively penetrates all wood timbers in sub areas, walls, attics, eaves, etc. to eliminate all the drywood termites within the structure.

Microwave Systems

This treatment uses microwave energy from a portable unit to increase the temperature of infested wood to a level that is lethal to termites. This treatment is normally used in conjunction with termiticides. Proven Termite Solutions offers this treatment for drywood termites in limited cases.

Local Drill and TreatLocal Drill & Treat

This method involves drilling pin holes into drywood termite galleries and injecting termiticides into these galleries. This method has been utilized in the pest control industry for decades as a local treatment. Proven Termite Solutions offers this treatment for drywood termites in limited cases.

Heat and Electricity

Tenting a structure and injecting hot air or emitting electricity into studs are other technologies that are available to consumers today for Drywood termite treatments. These treatments are local treatment methods normally used in conjunction with termiticides.

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