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Orange Oil Termite Control

Orange Oil Termite TreatmentSo what is Orange Oil anyway?

Orange oil, also known as D-limonene, is an effective termiticide that has been in use since 1958. Derived from natural, renewable resources, orange oil termiticide is more eco-friendly than traditional methods of termite control products.

Orange Oil Application Process

Our professional technicians treat each identified termite infestation with a localized spot application of orange oil termiticide. This will kill termites in the treated areas. Be aware that an effective orange oil treatment does require minor drilling into the infested wood members followed by injecting the product into the termite galleries. Orange oil can be effective for treating drywood termites, however, alternative methods of treatment are required for subterranean termite infestations.

Advantages of Orange Oil Termite Control:

  • No moving out overnight during the treatment
  • No need to remove plants or board pets
  • No bagging of food or medicine
  • No walking on the roof

Residential Termite Control SolutionsFor Home Owners

Orange oil is an excellent control method in the fight against drywood termites and their eggs. Tests have found orange oil not only kills termites but also their eggs on contact, and that’s great news for home owners and families. Due to it’s low toxicity, Orange Oil has become the ideal treatment method for home owners with a sensitivity to traditional chemical applications. When peace of mind matters most, Proven Termite Solutions is the answer you’ve been looking for!

If traditional chemical application is out of of the question, we can control and even eliminate your drywood termite infestations and keep your home safe from the extensive damage that an untreated infestation can cause.

Multi Unit Termite Control SolutionsFor Property Managers and Home Owner Associations

The advantages of using Orange Oil when controlling drywood termites in a multi-unit residential building are substantial. Treating infested units without displacing the occupants is one key advantage. No moving out overnight, no boarding of pets, no removal of food, no removal of plants, and no reservation from the occupants. Orange oil has a low toxicity and occupants are always happy to hear that they don’t need to move out overnight to treat their drywood termite infestations.

We have an experienced and dedicated staff to handle all your termite needs. We offer all termite control services including: inspections, identification, advice for prevention, and annual termite control contracts.

Commercial Termite Control SolutionsFor Commercial Property Managers and Owners

Commercial Properties can include a wide range of buildings including retail stores, restaurants, office spaces, manufacturing facilities, storage facilities, schools, and medical buildings just to name a few. All buildings need termite and pest control but each individual company that occupies those buildings have their own unique requirements for control.

We understand the unique challenges facing those in charge of making the correct choice to control their termite and pest infestations. We are prepared to help with inspecting and identifying your specific infestation and then make the necessary professional recommendations you need to make an educated decision on how to remedy the problem. Orange Oil has been used to treat many sensitive areas where typical chemical applications could not be approved.

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