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Soil treatments use liquid termiticides which ensure adequate coverage in the soil. Injection of this system in the soil creates a treated area that reduces the population of termites and envelops the structure with a long-term protection. This is the most commonly used system and may be used in combination with baits and/or wood treatment.

Termites can build tubes up to the foundation and into the footings of your home fairly easily (they don’t actually need a crack or void in the concrete). Any soil injection treatment is designed to build a barrier of treated soilaround the structure. An injection treatment should be made on both sides for the concrete foundation footing or on the outside of the foundation and drill and treat the slab floor this puts the material on both sides of the footing which can be quite deep.

Termites feed on dead wood material, such as tree stumps or cardboard. They are always digging exploratory tunnels and scouting for new food sources. Not content to remain at one feeding site they tend to dig numerous foraging tunnels and are able to locate most available wood items within their foraging territory. When the termites find wood material they will begin feeding on it. As termites feed on the wood, they hollow out chambers within it. A large piece of wood, such as a stump or dead tree, will provide a vast amount of food for a termite colony and larger items provide sites for termites to nest and reproduce.

Any wood-to-soil contact is a potential site of entry into a home. Wood that yields a dull, thudding sound when struck by a screwdriver or hammer should be examined. Careful probing of suspected areas with a sharp, pointed instrument such as an screw driver will disclose termite colonies or termite damage.


Soil injection is typically performed by using a power operated pump and tank attached to a long rod. The rod is sunk into the soil and then the material is pumped under pressure through the rod. Outside permiter foundation treatments can also be made by trenching along the foundation, then the material is applied in the trench and allowed to soak down into the soil.

Soil Injection Subterrananean Termite Control Treatment

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